martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

Web browser player and build 1.1

Hello, people!

Mark Here! Great news! People who have not play the game yet, and just want to play it like NOW!

The game is already in! Victorian Fear-  The First Chapter build 1.1  is ready to be played on your web browser!

 Yes, you read it. This new build (ver 1.1), also available on Indiedb,  have some minor fixes (correct grammar). Yeah, I apologize for my grammar mistakes. Aselia received a heartstroke when she was playing...but, well, we hadn´t time until now for fix this! And another new, now you can plug your joystick!

We hope that more people can reach the game with the web player!

Best Regards

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016

Victorian Fear - The First Chapter (build 1.0) released!

Hello, people!

Great news! Victorian Fear - Chapter 1 is out! And is totally FREE!

This is only a first look to the game, there are more! Actually, we are working in the second chapter. And just because we are just two persons in this team, we want to share our love for the project! We would like that people could truly support this game! A retrohardcoregame style! 

In this chapter you will have to help our hero to find his brother! What kind of horror and madness is behind his strange disappearance?

- Experiment a gameplay like classic videogames.
- Retrogaming? Retroengine (Rpgmaker2k3 to the limits)
- A horror story, serial killer, a gas lamp!
- Hide and seek.
- It´s truly inspired in games like Maniac Mansion, Clocktower and The Last Door.
- Support us! We would love to take this game further than rpg´s engine.


If you enjoy the game, you can show your support to help us finish the second chapter, which is already in developing. Share with all your friends!

martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

Victorian Fear


Victorian Fear is a 2D retro pixel game inspired in point and click games like "Maniac Mansion, ClockTower and, recently, The last door". You are a man who is searching his lost brother in a town with obscure secrets,

Hello! My name is Mark, and this is my development blog for my indie game called "Victorian Fear". During this journey I will write my experiences through the path of darkness.

I´m an indie developer since I was young...with several dead projects. To be honest, I had never developed something as serious as it is for me "Victorian fear" , I used the simplest engine that I knew, hoping the development could it be a charming walk in the river of strawberries. hahaha I knew that I needed help , so another person joins me. Aselia Visconti is a friend of mine, and she accepts help me with character designs and portraits - which she hates and love at the sametime - so, yeah, we were 2 persons in the middle of the battle, asking us, making brainstorm, designing, dying when the morning sun appears like two vampires...

I like programming chiptunes and I like making sprites...But this wasn´t enough for this journey. I drew characters based in Aselia´s designs and drew, too, all the assets for the first chapter (WIP). It was really fun, but---the gameplay! the systems! glitches...!

Well, after 5 months working in our dungeons we have, almost, the first chapter. We hope that gamers can enjoy the experience, because we have a tons of ideas for the next chapters, even port the game to another engine, and even a release in smartphones. So, please! Support us! Share with your friends! 

So, hope a video soon and a release for pc of the first chapter, here in this blog!